Safety Glass

Information on safety glass

Laminated Safety Glass

As well as our standard repair service, we also repair safety glass including laminated, toughened, and fire resistant glass.

Laminated Safety Glass is the only type of glass that combines both safety and security. It contains multiple sheets of glass, fixed by a PVP (polyvinyl) interlayer.

Should the glass be broken, the debris will remain fixed to the interlayer, minimising damage to both property and people.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is known for being up to 5 times more robust than normal glass. If attacked it will disintegrate into extremely small pieces, thus minimising the risk of injury. Toughened glass is always cut to size before the heat treatment process.

Frameless glass entrances, which includes side panels and transoms, allows the freedom to create many different design options. A wide range of rails and fittings are available in a whole host of different finishes, which include poweder and anodised coatings. Available in either 12mm or 10mm.

Fire Resistant Safety Glass

Integrity glass provide an advanced level of resistance to and fumes and smoke, although they do allow heat from a fire to radiate through. The fire resistant glass is produced by changing the composition of the raw materials, by either specially modifying or laminating the glass.

Wired glass improves the resistance to fire. Insulated glass consistes of multiple glass layers and intumescent layers.

When exposed to heat of over 120 degrees, the layers expand which form a foam which in turn provides the glass with extra insulation, which prevent the transmission of heat for extra security.

Fire Resistant Safety Glass Protecting Your Property